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Young Scientist Prize of the Swiss Neutron Science Society, sponsored by SwissNeutronics


Art. 1

These guide-lines define the procedure for awarding the Young Scientist Prize of the Swiss Neutron Science Society (SGN/SSSN). 

Art. 2

The prize is sponsored by the company SwissNeutronics AG (SNAG)

Art. 3

The prize will be awarded annually to a PhD student presenting an excellent PhD thesis carried out in Switzerland using neutrons as an important experimental probe. The thesis must have been submitted no earlier than two years prior to the date of the call. Biennially, the call is also open to nominees with an exceptional track record in neutron scattering established within 5 years after their Ph.D. degrees. 

Art. 4

Nominations for the prize may be submitted by all members of SGN/SSSN. Nominations should include the motivation for the award, a brief curriculum vitae, if applicable a copy of the Ph.D. thesis, and a list of publications of the nominee. Nominations for the prize will be treated in confidence, and although they will be acknowledged there will be no further communication. 

Art. 5

The nominations for the prize will be examined by a Selection Committee which consists of three experts. Membership in the Selection Committee is obtained by invitation from the board of SGN/SSSN. The president of SGN/SSSN chairs the meeting of the Selection Committee. He is responsible for an adequate balance of the scientific expertise in the Selection Committee. 

Art. 6

The Selection Committee will meet after the application deadline to examine the nominations for the prize. The final decision about the winner of the award will be made by a simple majority of the members of the Selection Committee present at the meeting.  

Art. 7

The prize will be awarded in a special ceremony session at an appropriate national or international scientific meeting, preferably related to neutron scattering. 

Art. 8

The call for nominations for the prize will be published through email to all users of the PSI user facilities and on the neutron mailing list ( It will also be advertised in Swiss Neutron News as well as on the SGN/SSSN web pages. 

Art. 9

These articles came into force after approval by the SGN/SSSN board in April 2014. 

Last revision : Jan. 14, 2019 by U. Gasser