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General Assembly 2018

The SGN annual assembly 2018 took place on Nov. 26th, 15:00, in the Auditorium WHGA/001 at Paul Scherrer Institut.


1. Welcome
2. Minutes of the General Assembly 2017
3. Annual Report of the Chairman
4. Annual Report of the Treasurer
5. Report of the Auditors
6. Budget 2019
7. Election of the SGN board for the period Nov. 2018 - Oct. 2021.
8. Vote on the proposed name change of the scociety. It was proposed to change the name from "Swiss Neutron Scattering Society" to "Swiss Neutron Science Society".
9. News from ENSA / ILL / ESS / SINQ
10. Miscellaneous

The minutes of previous general assemblies are available here:

minutes of the 2018 meeting

minutes of the 2017 meeting

minutes of the 2016 meeting

minutes of the 2015 meeting

minutes of the 2014 meeting

minutes of the 2013 meeting

minutes of the 2012 meeting

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