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General Assembly 2021

The SGN annual assembly 2021 took place on Nov. 26th, 14:00-17:00.


14:00 - 15:00
Prize ceremony: Young Scientist Prize 2021 of SNSS sponsored by SwissNeutronics with presentations by the winners:

  • Jakob Lass: Neutron scattering and data treatment for camea-like back-ends.
  • Jacopo Valsecchi: Polarized neutron imaging and grating interferometry for visualization and quantification of magnetic systems.

15:00 - 17:00
General Assembly of the SNSS

  1. Welcome to SGN assembly
  2. Minutes of the General Assembly 2020
  3. Annual Report of the Chairman
  4. Annual Report of the Treasurer
  5. Report of the Auditors
  6. Budget 2022
  7. Election of SNSS board for the period 2022-2024.
    The current board members are Henrik Ronnow (president), Urs Gasser (board member and secretary), Karl Krämer (board member), and Markus Strobl (board member). Henrik Ronnow will setp down as president. Marc Janoschek (Univ. Zürich/PSI) is proposed as the new president. Urs Gasser will step down as secretary but is ready to remain available to the board. Karl Krämer and Markus Strobl are willing to remain on the board. Members interested in joining the SNSS board are welcome to get into contact with the board.
  8. News from ENSA / ILL / ESS
  9. News from SINQ
  10. Miscellaneous

The minutes of previous general assemblies are available here:

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