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  • The minutes of the General Assembly 2022 of the society are now available online.

  • The Young Scientist Prize 2022 of the society is awarded to Dr. Stephan Allenspach.

  • The minutes of the 2021 General Assembly of the SGN/SSSN are available online.

  • In spring 2021, a new strategy paper for neutron science in Switzerland has been published by the SNSS.

  • The SGN General Assembly 2018 has changed the name of the society from `Swiss Neutron Scattering Society' to `Swiss Neutron Science Society' to reflect the openness for all researchers in Switzerland using neutron radiation. The new German and French names are `Schweizerische Gesellschaft fuer Neutronenforschung' and 'Societe Suisse da la Science Neutronique'.

  • The SGN General Assembly 2018 has decided to offer free membership for students including Bachelor-, Master-, and PhD-students.

  • The latest issue of Swiss Neutron News, the newsletter of the society, can be found online.

  • Real online registration for new SGN members is now enabled via the PSI Digital User Office DUO. For further information please visit the SGN registration page.

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