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  • The Young Scientist Prize 2020 of the society is split and is awarded to Dr. Muriel Siegwart and Dr. Jiri Ulrich. Dr. Muriel Siegwart receives the prize for her thesis "Neutron transmission imaging of fuel cells using time-of-flight and dark-field imaging", and Dr. Jiri Ulrich receives the prize for his theis on "High precision nuclear data of Mn-53 for astrophysics and geosciences".

  • The Young Scientist Prize 2019 of the society is split and is awarded to Dr. Ralph Harti and Dr. Umertoluca Ranieri. Dr. Ralph Harti receives the prize for his thesis "Sub-pixel correlation length imaging of heterogeneous microstructures using neutron grating interferometry", and Dr. Umbertoluca Ranieri receives it for his theis on "Guest dynamics in methane hydrates and hydrogen hydrates under high pressure".

  • The SGN General Assembly 2018 has changed the name of the society from `Swiss Neutron Scattering Society' to `Swiss Neutron Science Society' to reflect the openness for all researchers in Switzerland using neutron radiation. The new German and French names are `Schweizerische Gesellschaft fuer Neutronenforschung' and 'Societe Suisse da la Science Neutronique'.

  • The SGN General Assembly 2018 has decided to offer free membership for students including Bachelor-, Master-, and PhD-students.

  • The minutes of the 2018 General Assembly of the SGN SSSN are available online.

  • The latest issue of Swiss Neutron News, the newsletter of the society, can be found online.

  • Real online registration for new SGN members is now enabled via the PSI Digital User Office DUO. For further information please visit the SGN registration page.

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